HPE Selects Raya Trade as Official Distributor of its Tech Products and Solutions in Egyptian Market

  • Underscoring Raya’s success and presence in the local market, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) proclaimed that it has chosen Raya Trade, a subsidiary of Raya Holding for Financial Investments, as an official distributor for the multinational company in the Egyptian market. This partnership demonstrates the credibility Raya has in Egypt through 20 years of work in the local and African Market.

    That choice was based on HPE’s belief in Raya’s outstanding capacities to achieve high growth rates and to promote the scope of work, in line with HPE’s strategy in the Egyptian market, besides Raya’s extensive spread through the sectors that HPE target. In light of this partnership, Raya distributes and markets HPE’s various solutions in the fields of cloud computing, data centers, and huge servers’ products for enterprises of various activities and sizes, tailored to their visions and needs.

    HPE targets a tremendous range of sectors, such as trade, oil industry, banking, real estate, education, health care, among other fields.

    Commenting on the partnership, Bassem Megahed, CEO of Raya Trade, has expressed his pleasure with the selection of Raya by HPE as an official distributor of its various technical products and solutions. He also stressed that Raya – with its extended history of over 20 years in Egypt – shall work to realize the vision and strategy of HPE. Raya will also work to maintain communication with customers and to increase the market share of the multinational company, which will reflect on its scope of work and promote its presence in Egypt, he said.

    “We seek to achieve a great leap in the sales of HPE’s leading products, building on Raya’s widespread in the Egyptian market and its capacities to reach out to clients in the targeted economic sectors easily.”, he added.

    “We have a broad network of distributors that includes 8500 retailers working for various brands all over 14 governorates, besides 110 retail outlets and 48 points of sale that provide customer services. Raya Trade also provides distribution and maintenance services to a diverse set of electronics, consumer appliances.” Megahed said, noting that the company has 12 centers providing after-sale services with 150 specialists who meet the needs of 12000 clients monthly. 

    He added: “Raya Trade’s operations are not limited to the local market, as it shows an international presence as well through Raya Trade branch in Nigeria that offers distribution, retails, after-sales services, with 9 retail outlets serving over 12000 customers monthly”.


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