SpaceJAT announces launching beta version at the 25TH Cairo ICT

  • In a move aimed at having the ability to develop technology in the Arab world rather than importing it, serving individual and organization requirements in Egypt and the Arab region, JATDEV Middle East, a startup specialized in the development of products and solutions for cybersecurity and digital applications, announced today the launch of the beta version of its first product spaceJAT , an application for participatory communities and visual meetings, during its participation in the 25th International Technology Fair, Cairo ICT, which is held under the slogan “The Digital Challenge’’, from 7 to 10 November 10 at Egypt International Exhibition Center in New Cairo.


    SpaceJAT provides many collaborative services and tools that help stimulate and support the remote business environment for individuals and organizations such as video and audio meetings, live video broadcasting services, group or personal chat services, file storage services, and others through Open Mini Apps technology which allows customers to build a participatory experience that suits their individual needs through open applications that will be made available through APIs along with other applications.


    Commenting on the beta version launch, engineer Amr Farouk, founder and CEO of JATDEV Middle East, said: “Today, we are proud to announce the application beta launch from the Egyptian capital. This announcement, in conjunction with the official release of the application expected during the first quarter of next year 2022, is a demonstration of our commitment to provide Arab users with a remarkable participatory experience, coupled with our absolute trust in the application’s quality and efficiency which matches similar international solutions,″. The CEO demanded “the Egyptian and Arab information society to contribute and provide support during the trial run period through active participation and to record any remarks in order to improve the user experience, since the trail period will be limited to special participation invitations only that can be collected at the company’s wing in the fair or on the website On a related note, Farouk reviewed the application’s most prominent technical advantages, which include using an advanced technology in the fields of cloud construction and live video broadcasting that enables expanding video and audio-visual meetings to reach thousands of attendees. Moreover, using artificial intelligence contributed to delivering live video broadcasting to all attendees, even with slow Internet speeds. SpaceJAT services are not limited to the monthly subscription system on the application cloud only, as the application can also be localized in local or private clouds for customers in the government sectors, education, Internet service providers and others. The SpaceJAT application also pays special attention to cyber security, as it includes specialized programs for defensive protection, identification and management of private and public traffic data. Furthermore, it was built with secure copies on many operating systems such as Android and IOS for smartphones, and Windows and Mac applications for desktop and laptop computers, as well as web version for other devices to provide a high level of cybersecurity. It is worth noting that JATDEV Middle East- FZE- is a startup company established in 2021 on a technological base, scientific backgrounds and practical experiences of more than 20 years in a variety of different fields such as cybersecurity, cloud construction, information infrastructure, software and applications development, project management, business administration and entrepreneurship. The company owns a number of patents under registration and it aims to develop products based on cybersecurity to serve various business sectors and compete with its global counterparts. JATDEV Middle East plans to launch SpaceJAT and WebJAT products during the next financial year 2022.

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