Bosta joined forces with Family Corporations to emerge a new shipping and delivery fleet to deliver 15 million parcels in 2022.

  • “The digital transformation revitalized the e-commerce industry. And our expansion strategy is built to empower that revitalization.” 

    Mohamed Ezzat, Bosta’s CEO.


    “We trust in Bosta’s capabilities in changing the shipping industry, and we’re supporting this industry’s development in the Egyptian market.” 

    Waguih Eskandar, Family Corporations’s Managing Director. 


    “Our business growth is providing 1,000 new job opportunities for the market, and this strongly participates in the Egyptian economy” Shehab El-Din Gomaa, Bosta’s Marketing Manager.



    By : Bakinam Khaled


    Bosta, an Egyptian pioneer startup in providing shipping solutions, announced expanding fleet forces in partnership with Family Corporation, a leading company in the transportation field, which supports Bosta’s expansion vision towards the Egyptian market.  

    The collaboration between Family Corporation and Bosta Technology includes supporting Bosta with Tricycles and vans, delivering shipments to all Egypt’s governorates for stage one.

    In this phase, Bosta will increase shipping volumes and sizes, starting from light to bulky parcels. 

    Furthermore, Bosta launched this fast delivery service with 1000 Tricycles initially in the first phase. The tricycles provide the efficiency of shipping experiences for consumers and sellers, to satisfy existing gaps such as; time of delivery, fast responses, and job opportunities. 

    Mohamed Ezzat, CEO of Bosta, expressed his pride towards this partnership with Family Corporation and ensured that Bosta’s growth strategy targets expanding the company’s activations in Egypt to cope with the digital transformation’s results that impacted the e-commerce market positively. 

    Ezzat stated that Bosta developed its infrastructure locally to be qualified for this step. The infrastructure development included a digital revamp, a new fleet, and a warehouse readiness increase.


    Ezzat added that Bosta went through trial stages to test the speed of delivering various types of parcels. He also pointed out how technological independence in fast delivery has a significant added value in Bosta for all clients all over Egypt.


    Waguih Eskandar, Family Corporations’s Managing Director, commented.” We support freight and delivery service companies in the Egyptian market by working on effective partnership agreements to achieve expansion plans. 

    We provide the highest quality transportation services through a network of comprehensive maintenance centers that confirm the efficiency of the fleet and the discipline of drivers and train them to commit to the standards of safe driving and the highest quality of civilian operations.”

    Eskandar added that Family Corporation’s vision aims to be the official partner to the freight and delivery industry for how the company’s capable of Investing and presenting a massive number of vans and light trucks to meet the needs of clients and the market.

    Family Corporation owns a fleet of 1100 various vehicles in different sizes.

    Karim ElDeeb, Bosta’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), clarified that this step would help Bosta execute an expansion plan, seize more innovative shipping solutions and provide more job opportunities.

    Bosta’s expansion strategy aims to reach more than 5 Million parcels by the end of 2021 and 15 Million parcels by 2022.


    Bosta’s Marketing Manager, Shehab ElDin Gomaa, highlighted how the company’s expansion in business will affect the Egyptian market and provide 1000 job opportunities directly and indirectly by doubling up the number of couriers bosta is recruiting by the second half of 2022.


    Lastly, since Bosta Technology’s launch in 2017, the company has evolved strategies to empower e-commerce and the freight and shipping industry in the MENA region and Africa.


    Information for the editors

    About Bosta

    Bosta Technology was founded in 2017 by three engineers; Mohamed Ezzat, Ahmed Gaber, Mohamed El Hussieny. Bosta is an Egyptian startup specialized in providing innovative shipping solutions to e-commerce companies.

    The company is based in Cairo’s Egyptian capital and provides services to clients in Egypt and the Middle East.


    Bosta presents delivery services and shipping solutions for goods and parcels from commercial companies and sellers to consumers in 1 to 2 days maximum.

    The company also provides various benefits around Egypt, such as tracking orders, managing financials collection, exchanging shipments and products, returning orders, and delivering critical documents.

    Recently, Bosta Technology raised a $6,7M fund as one of the aspiring Egyptian startups to be expanding e-commerce delivery business across MENA and Africa.



    The investment round was led by Silicon Badia, Global Venture Capital Fund, in participation with 4DX Ventures, Plug and Play Ventures in addition to other global and regional investors.

    Bosta also raised $1.8M in A round of investment led by DPD Group, Europe’s second-largest courier delivery and shipping operator, and Fawry, the Egyptian pioneer company in electronic payments. 

    Throughout Bosta’s journey, the company is achieving hits in delivering parcels every day with success rates reaching 95% with clients like Amazon, Noon, and Jumia.








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