LG Egypt unveils its latest products One:Quick|Flex & One:Quick|Works for effective collaborations



    Cairo, Egypt. Jan 24, 2022. With LG One:Quick Flex's 43-inch all-in-one display with a 2k Full HD built-in camera, 3meter voice pick-up range microphones and speakers, and a Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system that makes it easy for the user to install and run programs they want through a huge library of applications and tools; there’s no need to stress over online meetings and calls and no more inconvenience of connecting to and setting up video conferencing.


    LG’d One:Quick Flex offers Effective Collaboration with Touch and Drawing Equipped with In-Cell touch technology, the One:Quick Flex turns ideas into reality. With the dedicated touch pen, taking notes and drawings are done easily. Also, these works can be saved as files, and easily shared through your smart phone.


    LG’s One:Quick Works impressive RedDot award-winning design blends seamlessly with the rest of the workspace, bringing an elevated aesthetic while providing a practical workspace for all participant, with an All-in-One Video Conferencing 55” 4K Ultra HD Display for Maximum Productivity, Video conferencing setup doesn't need to be stressful.


    This all-in-one solution features a built-in Windows PC, crisp 4K UHD camera, microphone, speaker and a digital whiteboard. Experience clear video and sound qualities in

    your meetings, in addition to Smart Auto Focusing, have the camera and mic move to you, not the other way around. One:Quick Works automatically focuses on the speaker and it is effective in clearly capturing voices up to six meters away with minimal background noise, while the 3,840 x 2,160 resolution camera automatically

    tracks and focuses on the individual speaker.

    LG’s One:Quick Remote Meeting works seamlessly with One: Quick Works for users to share documents in various formats, perform real-time interactive drawings and detect who's speaking on the other end automatically.


    Easy-To-Use Conference App Store Shortcuts for installing video conferencing and collaboration apps are included to help with user productivity. In addition to Split View for Multi-Tasking you can share files and organize ideas simultaneously with members in the meeting room for an optimized user experience.


    Billy Kim, Managing Director of LG Egypt stated “We are empowering our consumers with the latest technologies and products and both One:Quick Flex and the One:Quick Works can be used anywhere indoors where they can be moved by wheels.


    From a private office to a public lounge, as the product plays various roles according to each need such as video conferencing, design demo, collaboration. Aiming to make consumers lives better, through advanced technology features








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