"Digital Planets" organizes its fourth annual conference "Cyber security Day" in the presence of decision makers in information security

  • - Based on its strategic vision on the importance of cyber security in the information space, and its strategic partnership with “ Sophos” for Security Solutions, “Digital Planets”, the leading company and a distinguished partner for the best providers of communications services and technology solutions in Egypt and the Middle East, held its event The fourth annual "Cyber ​​Security Day" is sponsored by “Sophos” in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, with the aim of introducing the Egyptian economy community to the importance of cyber security in the era of digital transformation, which always requires preparation with smart defense systems.

    The annual event, in its fourth session, represents an important forum for exchanging visions on the most prominent developments in the cyber security industry in the world, as it brings together decision-makers from all companies and entities interested in cyber security locally and globally.

    As one of the most important local companies with a portfolio of diverse partnerships with global technology providers, “Digital Plants” holds in its annual event rich and important discussions on the latest industry developments to provide the local market with the most important products and solutions to protect the business of its local partners, and a panel discussion is held on the sidelines of the conference Under the title “The Importance of Cyber ​​Security in Supporting Egypt’s Vision towards Digital Transformation 2030,” with the participation of the Vice President of the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority for Cyber ​​Security, Dr. Ahmed Ali, And Eng. Ahmed Hanafy, Co-founder and CEO of "Digital Plants".


    Ahmed Hanafy, Co-founder and CEO of Digital Planets, stressed the importance of societal dialogue on the issue of cyber security, which has become one of the most important problems facing the modern world, in line with Egypt’s strategy and vision digital transformation 2030, noting that the transformation The large trend towards technological tools in managing daily life, such as government, health, educational services, and others, was matched by a clear activity in cyber and electronic attacks, as the world’s losses from cyber-attacks are expected to reach about 10.5 trillion dollars by 2025, while some statistics showed that crimes Electronic is the fastest spread around the world, as the world witnesses one crime every 11 seconds during 2021, and therefore it is important that we focus on exchanging experiences and cooperation in facing this type of serious crime.

    He expressed Digital Planets' interest in the importance of the issue of cyber security, saying, "We strive to rely on the latest technologies to protect our customers from the local market from these types of attacks, and we have in our customer portfolio more than 2000 customers, we offer them a package of products from major international companies from Providers of technology and information security services in cooperation with the international company "Sophos".

    On the other side, Khaled Helmy, Director of Sales at “Digital Plants”, said that the company continues to implement its ambitious strategy, which is in line with the country's trend towards digital transformation, which contributes to facilitating the access of companies, government agencies and all commercial sectors in the country to the services required for digital transformation with a different perspective applied to the first Once in Egypt”, especially since “Digital Plants” recently obtained the “ISO 27001 International Certificate for Information Security”, as a result of its achievements in the field of digital transformation and providing digital solutions that help customers in facing challenges related to information security as well as deserving of the International Excellence Award for Arab Smart Government For 2022 from Dubai, as the first Egyptian company to receive this award in fifteen years, due to its efforts in the field of cyber security in the Arab region.

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