"Cairo ICT 2022" in the eyes of the sponsors Anis: “Baniya” has partnership agreements with Arab companies to enhance cooperation.. We are proud of our sponsorship of the exhibition


    By: Bakinam Khaled - Amir Taha


     Dr. Naji Anis, Vice President of Bunya Group, which specializes in providing integrated communications solutions and services, in response to the question "Digital World" confirmed that the Arab alliance in the field of information technology is very important and a vital requirement to increase the contribution of Arab countries to global technological innovation and the gradual transformation of technology-producing countries and In this framework, Bunya will hold a set of agreements and memoranda of cooperation with a number of Arab companies during its participation in the next session of Cairo ICT 2022, which will be held next week in Cairo.

    This came during the activities of the press conference of the twenty-sixth session of the exhibition and the international conference for technology CairoICT in its 26th session.


    Anis added that Bunya Group is proud to sponsor the exhibition for the third year in a row, as an official sponsor, as the company focuses on everything related to infrastructure and projects already on the ground, where the meaning of infrastructure refers to everything that is not visible to the user, and the company specializes in communications satellites And fiber cables and other technological infrastructure that will be shown during the exhibition for the current year.


    It is worth noting that the Cairo ICT 2022 session will be held from 27-30 November in New Cairo, and will be launched under the auspices of the "Bunya" group, the leading provider of integrated communications solutions and services (the official sponsor), the "E-Finance" group for financial and digital investments (the strategic partner), and Chinese technology giant Huawei (Technology Partner), Dell Technologies (title sponsor), CIB (Platinum sponsor), Cisco, the global leader in IT and networking (Platinum sponsor), and technology giant Microsoft (Cloud sponsor) And Fortinet, the global specialist in network security devices, was a "golden sponsor" and "Digital World" newspaper as a media sponsor for the exhibition.


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