B.TECH awarded “The Most Innovative Omni-channel Consumer Electronics Retailer” by Global Economics

  • By : Bakinam Khaled



     B.TECH, Egypt's leading consumer electronics retailer and one of the top home appliances distributors, won the “Most Innovative Omni-channel Consumer Electronics Retailer” Award for 2022 from Global Economics Magazine, UK.

    The Global Economics award recognizes the best-performing companies in various business sectors on the regional and international levels including technology, banking, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, transportation, logistics, and others.

    B.TECH was selected to receive this award driven by its continuous efforts to embed innovation into its various business verticals, the expansion in the e-commerce field, and providing the best-in-class services for its customers across Egypt.

    The scope of innovative services that entailed B.TECH to collect this prestigious award included the unprecedented growth the company managed to achieve through its digital assets that included the website and mobile application securing more than 70 million visits in addition to launching a special section for the company’s products on Noon, the leading e-commerce platform in the region. In addition to its online footprint, B.TECH is constantly expanding its network of stores which currently stands at 152 stores in 34 cities across 24 governorates nationwide as part of its strategy to open a store that is only 15 minutes away from each customer. The Minicash service is another competitive service provided by B.TECH to provide its customers with installment plans with different tenures, fast delivery of products, no down payment, and various payment options whether cash or online. B.TECH also has a “Curb Pickup” car purchase service through its B.TECH X branches located across several vital areas such as gas stations and shopping malls. The company is also keen on introducing new concepts in the local market led by its “cyberzone” designated for gamers inside the stores and the cooperation with InTouch, the global platform, to develop the first electronic media platform in stores in the Middle East and North Africa.


    Commenting on this award, Dr. Mahmoud Khattab, Chairman and CEO of B.TECH, said “It is always an honor to have our work recognized. We are proud of this valuable award from a prestigious international institution such as Global Economics which is a testament to the collective efforts of B.TECH’s team as they thrive to provide a distinguished service to our customers. We have identified a robust expansion and growth strategy built on innovation as we aim to provide our customers with outstanding services while enhancing the pace of digital transformation within the company.”

    Based in London, United Kingdom, The Global Economics is an international magazine specializing in the business and economics sector providing in-depth insights into various economic fields and presenting annual awards.






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