Trend Micro blocks over 56 million threats in Egypt, Reveals Annual Cybersecurity Report

  • -      The company's report reveals a 55% rise in global threat detections and an impressive 242% surge in the number of blocked malicious files.



    By : Basel Khaled



    Trend Micro Incorporated , a global leader in cybersecurity, today announced the findings of its annual cybersecurity report, which revealed a significant 55% increase in global threat detections and a massive 242% surge in blocked malicious files in 2022.

    Titled "Rethinking Tactics", the report highlights concerning trends that have significant implications for the future of digital security. It emphasized that threat actors indiscriminately targeted both consumers and organizations across all sectors, making 2022 a challenging year for cybersecurity professionals.

    In Egypt, in particular, Trend Micro solutions detected and blocked over 28 million (28,527,074) email threats, prevented 3 million (3,161,151) malicious URL victim attacks, and 29,066 URL hosts. In addition, over 9 million (9,407,493) malware attacks were identified and stopped.

    "Technology is rapidly advancing, bringing both opportunities and challenges for businesses, and the growing complexity of the digital environment has led to an increase in cyber threats that can compromise operations and sensitive data," said Ashraf Serag, Country Manager at Trend Micro Egypt and North Africa. "To effectively manage risks and safeguard their digital infrastructure, businesses must have a comprehensive understanding of their vulnerabilities and implement a multi-layered security strategy. At Trend Micro, we are committed to providing companies in the Egypt with the tools and expertise they need to navigate the constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape and achieve their digital transformation goals, aligned with the Egypt Vision 2030."

    Furthermore, the report highlighted an increase in failed patches adding extra time and money to corporate remediation efforts and exposing organizations to unnecessary cyber risks. Also, Webshells were the top-detected malware of the year, surging 103% on 2021 figures, while ransomware groups rebranded and diversified, with LockBit and BlackCat being the top ransomware families of 2022.

    To address the current attack surface, Trend Micro advises organizations to take a proactive approach by conducting thorough assessments and securing their digital infrastructure. As part of its commitment to enhancing cybersecurity in Egypt, the company aims to support the country's efforts and stay at the forefront of the fight against cyber threats.





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