President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met with Minister of Justice, Counselor Omar Marwan.


    By :Amir Taha -  Bakinam Khaled 

    The Spokesman for the Presidency, Counselor Ahmed Fahmy, said the meeting followed-up on the development of the litigation system nationwide. The main aspects were presented, including the expansion of the application of artificial intelligence techniques to convert speech into written text during judicial hearings.

    President El-Sisi gave directives for the enhancement of the use of the state-of-the-art technology, helping to regulate and govern all components of the system and contributing to the achievement of equitable and swift justice.

    The minister also presented the latest ongoing efforts to prepare and draft the new package of family laws, particularly the personal status bill for Muslims and Christians, as well as the draft law establishing and organizing the Egyptian Family Support Fund.

    The President gave directives to conduct a broad and in-depth community dialogue on draft laws to be finalized, listening with interest and seriousness to all voices, and accommodating various concerns and views that would achieve the laws' objectives of safeguarding rights, protecting children and supporting family cohesion, in the public interest.

    In the same frameworkPresident Abdel Fattah El-Sisi held a meeting to follow-up on developments of the Egypt's Future project for agricultural production.

    The meeting was attended by President's Advisor for Urban Planning Major General Amir Sayed Ahmed and Director of the Future of Egypt for Sustainable Development Authority Colonel Pilot Bahaa El-Ghannam.


    Spokesman for the Presidency Counselor Ahmed Fahmy said the meeting reviewed ongoing efforts on different aspects of the project such as land reclamation, the establishment of silos for storing grains and agricultural industrialization to maximize the value added of agricultural production. Efforts to increase the use of modern technology in land reclamation, the latest irrigation systems and agricultural mechanization, within the scope of the project, were also presented.


    President El-Sisi gave directives to continue the implementation of all current and future components of the project, accommodating development and urban development, and the consequent intensity of transport and trade.


    The President noted that the New Delta project,in general, aims to bring about a qualitative addition to the agricultural land in Egypt, to contribute significantly to bridging the gap in the various strategic crops and achieving food security. This is in addition to providing thousands of job opportunities in various specializations, which adds to efforts to promote comprehensive development in the country.

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