ITIDA, in cooperation with Etisal: Supporting the participation of Egyptian technology companies in the "GITEX Africa" exhibition in Morocco



    By: Amir Taha – Nahla Makled


    Based on its role in providing new investment opportunities for local companies and expanding the base of its spread abroad through participation in international and regional conferences and events, Etisal Association confirmed its support for information technology companies that participated in the activities of the GITEX Africa exhibition, which was held recently in Marrakesh, Kingdom of Morocco.


    Etisal's support comes in cooperation with the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), which it provides to its members, with the aim of motivating the Egyptian companies that are members of "Etisal" to participate in the exhibition, whether they are visiting or exhibiting companies, and learn about the latest technologies and modern technology in various fields of life.


    The event was held after the demand for investment in the fields of technology in Africa has become greater than ever.

    Analysts predict that the technology market is on its way to grow from $115 billion to $712 billion by 2050, while the startup financing sector in Africa will be 6 times higher than anywhere else, and more than 900 exhibitors and startups participate in this event in addition to delegations. from 95 countries.

    GITEX covered sectors including smart cities, cybersecurity, data economy, mobility, healthcare, smart business solutions, telecommunications, and networking.

    GITEX Africa exhibitors discussed the new trends that are shaping the technology ecosystem in the continent, such as the increase in Internet connectivity and the amazing proliferation of startups, in addition to the development of artificial intelligence and the growth of the financial technology sector.

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