Elsewedy ED Tech launches ELSEWEDY UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (SUT) – POLYTECHNIC OF EGYPT, in cooperation with Amity University in Dubai


    By ; Amir Taha



    Elsewedy (ED Tech) intends to establish a novel educational institution entitled “ELSEWEDY UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (SUT) – POLYTECHNIC OF EGYPT in partnership with Amity University, Dubai (AUD).


    This initiative is part of the company's commitment to enhance the quality of education and cultivate a local workforce that aligns with Egypt's vision for advancing various industries. To this end, the university will offer more than 19 specialized programs prioritizing practical applications over theoretical concepts, introducing “Engineering Technologists” to the market.


    The institution is meant to modernize and advance the industrial sector with cutting-edge knowledge, while emulating the best practices of international institutions in the realm of education and professional development.


    This partnership will be forged in collaboration with the prestigious Amity University in Dubai, which is known for its remarkable technological advancements and diverse array of academic majors fitting the students’ interests.


    Engineer Ahmed El Sewedy, Chairman of Elsewedy ED Tech said: "The expansion of technological Higher Education is vital in keeping up with the needs of modern industries. In this vein, El Sewedy Education of Technology aspires to introduce new specializations that strengthen the competencies of young cadres, thereby reducing the need for foreign expertise and enabling us to export these skilled professionals to global markets.


    That is why we have taken the lead in adopting the polytechnic system, a proven model that adheres to international standards and empowers Egypt to play a pivotal role in the global technological revolution”.


    “The polytechnic framework offers an integrated educational model that enables students to collaborate with private sector partners in various industrial fields, providing them with a comprehensive educational experience that equips them with both theoretical and practical knowledge, thus preparing them for their professional journey", he added.


    The polytechnic model represents one of the most pragmatic and adaptable educational frameworks in response to the ever-evolving demands of industries. By prioritizing innovation and implementing educational strategies geared towards resolving real-world challenges in the job market, this model produces graduates who possess practical experience and training in state-of-the-art technologies relevant to their respective fields.


    Through active involvement in applied research, polytechnic students acquire a proficient and adaptable skill set that enables them to stay abreast of the challenges of modern industry.


    Elsewdy ED Tech works to support the professional journey by offering innovative and inventive educational resources that remain abreast of technological shifts and the needs of the industry sector.


    The company seeks to establish universities that adopt a pioneering educational approach” Polytechnic”, qualifying students with the requisite skills and knowledge imperative for succeeding in today's job market.



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