Orange Egypt obtains the certificate of "Best Entity in Egypt and Africa" for the sixth consecutive year

  • By ; Adel Farig

    Orange Egypt, which specializes in providing integrated communications services, obtained the certificate of “Best Work Environment for 2020” for the sixth consecutive year by the “Top Employer” International Foundation during a big celebration held in South Africa, to become among the 5 best companies after Its continuous success in providing the best work environment for its employees and its clear role in developing their skills and developing their capabilities.

    Orange Egypt was among the five best companies in the world after passing many rigorous tests and questionnaires under the supervision of the "Top Employer" Foundation, as the company showed distinguished performance according to a package of important and basic standards, including culture and work environment standards, talent and human competency management strategy, performance management and evaluation , Leadership development, benefits and wages, personal and professional learning and development of employees.

     This coronation comes as a harvest of the efforts made by the company's management in conjunction with workers and the application of international standards in work environments and gender equality that contribute to developing the capabilities of workers and raising their competencies because of its positive effects on the working climate.

    For his part, Emad Al-Sanbati, Vice President of Orange Egypt for the Human Resources Sector, said, "We are proud to have obtained this prestigious position for the sixth year in a row and in the advanced order that we obtained this year."

    He added the value of this certificate, which we obtained from a neutral global body, on the efforts made by all employees of the company and the team spirit to achieve excellence in performance, which was directly reflected on the results of the company for this year despite all the challenges.

    It is worth noting that the Top Employer Corporation performs a comprehensive examination of human resources policies and an integrated analysis of the conditions of workers, in addition to internal and external auditing to ensure the correctness of information and data accuracy for companies that obtain a Top Employer certificate. When ensuring that the company complies with the highest international standards in force, the company’s “Best Employer” certificate is approved and awarded.


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