WAVZ and Tietoevry share their Payment Systems 2030 Vision with Egyptian Banking Leaders 


    • Amr Esmat: Future innovative trends will redefine how we deal with different payment systems

    • Edgars Bīberis: Real-time payments are transforming business operations, by offering faster access to working capital and enhancing cash flow.

    • WAVZ and Tietoevry expand their partnership to provide local support to Tietoevry customers in the region 


    By ; Bakinam Khaled


    WAVZ for Digital Transformation, a leading Egyptian provider of digital solutions and related services in the Middle East and Africa, hosted an inspiring workshop titled “Envisioning the Future of Payments” at the prestigious St. Regis Hotel.

    The event brought together prominent figures from the banking and financial sector, alongside experts from WAVZ and their strategic partner in digital payment systems, Tietoevry.

    The workshop delved into the transformative power of digitalization on payments, exploring how local and global trends are shaping the future of e-commerce, real-time transactions, and the overall customer experience. Discussions highlighted the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in accelerating this shift, with online shopping rates experiencing a significant surge.

    Key global trends shaping the future of banking were explored, including the rise of 24/7 real-time payments, ongoing digitization pressures, fragmented digital ecosystems, the growing need for seamless customer experiences, e-commerce and trade digitization, evolving regulations, geopolitical challenges, and the impact of economic factors - like rising interest rates and inflation - on financial institutions.

    Adding an exciting dimension to the event, WAVZ announced a pivotal expansion of their partnership with Tietoevry. This collaboration positions WAVZ as the regional support provider for Tietoevry's innovative payment solutions across the MEA region. WAVZ will leverage its team of highly skilled and certified local professionals to deliver these solutions, ensuring the highest international standards are met.

    This strategic alliance highlights WAVZ and Tietoevry's unwavering commitment to the Egyptian market and the broader MEA region. It signifies a shared vision to drive progress and deliver cutting-edge global payment technologies through a local lens. WAVZ’s expertise in localization and its team of highly trained Egyptian personnel will be instrumental in achieving this vision.

    Eng. Amr Esmat, CEO and Managing Director of WAVZ, expressed his enthusiasm about the event and the partnership: "We are thrilled to collaborate with Tietoevry, a global leader in the payment solutions and services industry. Together, we will offer our clients a comprehensive suite of innovative and advanced digital solutions across various industries. This includes the transformative open banking system, facilitating secure and faster transactions worldwide. This partnership aligns perfectly with our expansion strategy and commitment to delivering services through highly qualified local professionals. The future of payments is brimming with game-changing trends, and we are at the forefront of reshaping this landscape."

    Edgars Bīberis, Regional Director of Business Development at Tietoevry, stated: "Our partnership with WAVZ, brings new opportunities for growth and digital transformation in the region. With the global economy witnessing rapid development, it is crucial to have a partner that provides exceptional resources, expertise, and well-trained personnel who understand the local culture. This partnership strengthens our commitment to success and enables us to realize our vision for the region.We also recognize how real-time payments are transforming business operations, by offering faster access to working capital and enhancing cash flow. It is an exciting time for businesses, as this innovation revolutionizes the way they operate and manage finances."

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