PowerSchool Expands Mission-Critical Education Technology Platform with Launch in Arabic Across the Middle East and Worldwide

  • - Newly translated and localized, PowerSchool’s trusted platform is now available in Arabic globally, empowering schools in the Middle East and Arabic-speaking regions


    By ; Bakinam Khaled 



     PowerSchool (NYSE: PWSC), a leading provider of cloud-based education software, announced today the launch of its translated and localized products for the Middle East. Educators in the region can now accomplish critical administrative, classroom, and communication workflows by leveraging newly embedded Arabic translations, right-to-left interface display, Hijri calendar overlay, and more.

    Administrators can now access PowerSchool’s world-renowned Student Information System to log student records and craft reports in their native language, while teachers can better promote personalized learning for their students with Schoology Learning in Arabic. Arabic-speaking parents will also be able to access digital school forms in their preferred language through PowerSchool’s Enrollment Express and Ecollect Forms solutions.

    By providing these products in Arabic, PowerSchool aims to increase collaboration between schools and families, elevate student achievement, save valuable time, and promote equity and access in schools around the world where Arabic is spoken. PowerBuddy, PowerSchool’s AI-powered assistant, is also currently being developed with multi-language capability, with plans to soon launch in the Middle East as well.

    "With the UAE and other GCC countries prioritizing digital transformation in education, we are pleased to announce the availability of our educational and operational products in Arabic,” said Stewart Monk, Senior Vice President & General Manager, International at PowerSchool. “This also aligns with our commitment to provide mission-critical support to education leaders to provide personalized learning for students globally.

    These newly localized products equip educators with a greater ability to promote learning outcomes alongside accessibility by:

    • Helping educators, students, and families engage with technology for learning in a more intuitive way.

    • Providing the opportunity for students to develop collaboration skills in their primary language.

    • Eliminating the burden of manual translation for both educators and students, which can interfere with the learning process.

    • Ensuring that educational institutions prioritize equity and inclusion to benefit more students and families.

    Alongside the launch of their newest office in Dubai, U.A.E. last year, PowerSchool’s investment in localized Arabic products further signals the organization’s commitment to the region and to the potential impact of its innovative and mission-critical solutions across the GCC.


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