Coursera Global Skills Report 2024: Egypt Sees 585% Surge in GenAI Enrollments, Mobile Learning on the Rise

  • Coursera, a leading online learning platform, has launched the sixth edition of its Global Skills Report, highlighting a notable increase in Egyptian learners focused on building proficiency in key digital skills to enhance their career prospects.


    Drawing on data and insights from over 148 million learners, 7,000 institutional customers, and content from 325 of the world’s leading university and industry partners, the report reveals a 21% YoY increase in new Egyptian learners joining Coursera’s global community in Q1 2024, underscoring the growing interest in online education in Egypt. The nation's focus on emerging tech-related fields, such as AI and data science, reflects an evolving educational landscape aimed at developing a skilled, tech-savvy workforce​.


    The Global Skills Report 2024 emphasizes AI literacy as a rising global priority, with countries prioritizing investments in GenAI as a key driver to rapidly expand the AI talent pool and prepare AI-ready economies. In the MENA region, GenAI course enrollments on Coursera surged by 861% YoY, with Egypt experiencing a remarkable 585% YoY increase. This surge aligns with the second phase of Egypt’s National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, which aims to enhance AI investments, public awareness, data infrastructure, and technological capabilities.


    Learners in Egypt are acquiring foundational AI skills through courses such as Google Cloud’s Introduction to GenAI, DeepLearning.AI's GenAI with LLM, and Vanderbilt University's Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT.


    Additionally, the report spotlights the growing popularity of mobile learning among Egyptians. Learners in Egypt are typically younger than the global average, with a median age of 29, and increasingly learn on mobile devices, with 64% accessing courses through smartphones or tablets. This tech-savvy generation focuses on skills like advertising, deep learning, and auditing, preparing for roles such as machine learning engineer, operations manager, and securities & commodities trader.


    “As Egypt continues to invest in its digital infrastructure and educational initiatives, the country is well-positioned to thrive in the evolving global economy,” said Kais Zribi, Coursera’s General Manager for the Middle East and Africa. “The Coursera Global Skills Report 2024 highlights the critical role of continuous learning and skill development in driving economic growth and competitiveness. By embracing online learning and prioritizing key digital skills, Egypt is paving the way for a prosperous and technologically advanced future.”


    The Global Skills Report 2024 ranks Egypt 6th in the region for overall skills proficiency in business (34%), technology (39%), and data science (40%). The report also identifies top skills for Egyptian learners, including storytelling, advertising, leadership development, and Social Media, indicating a broad focus on both technical and soft skills.


    In Egypt, enrollments in professional certificates have surged by 34% YoY, with significant demand in areas such as data analytics, social media marketing, and front-end development. As university degrees remain the most recognized hiring criteria in Egypt, integrating job-relevant skills into higher education curricula can help bridge the gap between academia and industry.


    As of Q1 2024, Egypt has over 2.9 million Coursera learners. Of these learners, 35% are women, including 22% in STEM fields. With significant enrollment growth, Egyptians are increasingly investing in their education to prepare for digital jobs, particularly in areas like AI and data science.


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