Benya Press Conference at Cairo ICT: Benya announces its expansion internationally and launched Initiatives to support African youth in technology


    By ; Saber Mohamed – Mohamed Shawky


    The leading telecommunications and information technology provider in Africa and the Middle East, Benya, held a press conference at Cairo ICT 2020 to announce its latest achievements in the sector and its efforts to expand internationally. 


    During the press conference Benya revealed the signing of the final contract between Benya represented by Engineer Ahmed Mekky, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, and the  Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology of the Democratic Republic of the Congo represented by His Excellency Minister Augustin E. Maliba to build and operate a national fiber optic network connecting the main cities of Congo to provide high-speed internet services to citizens. The company also announced the signing of a contract with the Engineering Consultants Group (ECG) for the design and supervision of the construction for the company's new headquarters and factory in the Suez Canal Economic Zone. Benya also showcased its international expansion plans to support startups in Africa through two booths that participated in the exhibition.


    "Under the terms of the contract, Benya will cooperate with the Democratic Republic of Congo to fund, build and operate the fiber optic network in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, marking the beginning of a fruitful partnership that will lead to a bright future for the Republic of Congo and its citizens" said Engineer Ahmed Mekky, who spoke about the contract with the Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


    Benya also discussed its latest achievements within its subsidiary Benya Cables; the largest industrial facility specializing in fiber optic solutions in Egypt, Africa and the Middle EastEngineer Ahmed Mekky stated that the company had recently concluded a technology transfer agreement with Corning, the world’s leading manufacturer of fiber optics in partnership with the Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI). Mekky also announced the signing of a contract with the Engineering Consultants Group (ECG) for their engineering design, supervision, and implementation of the company’s factory and headquarters in the Suez Canal Economic Zone. The factory will manufacture fiber optic cables and is expected to commence production in the second half of 2021, providing both direct and indirect employment opportunities.


    As part of Benya’s initiatives to engage youth to participate in telecommunications and information technology initiatives in Africa, Benya hosted two booths dedicated to supporting startups in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The first booth featured the startup “Robotic Generation”, which was founded to teach children between the ages of 5 and 15 how to explore the digital revolution and understand programmed machines and processes, such as coding and robotics.


    The other booth was operated by the emerging company “Road-Way Tracking”, whose mission is to provide consumers and businesses with the best security and protection through telecommunications solutions while maintaining the highest quality standards of their services, as well as enhancing customer profitability, efficiency, and safety.


    Engineer Ahmed Mekky said “At Benya, we are digitally empowering companies and individuals to help them enhance the sustainability of their businesses, improve their productivity, and increase their profitability. We seek to make digital transformation a reality in Africa to create new opportunities and devise new ideas that will enable companies to deliver products of real value globally. Our work with the Democratic Republic of Congo and the support of startups in Egypt and Africa are two examples of how Benya is expanding while assuming a leadership role in advancing African ICT initiatives."

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