Press Release MYBEA, a new application for hotels and restaurants owners

  • To manage various reservations in swimming pools and private beaches


    By; Basel  Khaled


    The French company MYBEA has developed a new tablet and smartphone application for hotels and restaurants owners, This application allows customers to manage their own place in hotels and private beaches, such as booking private sunbeds or a private swimming pool, or viewing the menu online.

    MYBEA will introduce its technology during the Gitex Technology Week, which will be held from 6 to 10 December 2020, on the French pavilion.

    The exhibition will be an occasion to unveil this application that allows to reduce the time period between the customer’s need and the request of the service, and also allows to decrease the movement of employees in line with the social distancing measures related to the Covid-19. The MYBEA app enables hotel and restaurant owners to optimise the occupancy rate of their swimming pool or beach. The application immediately tells customers which sunbeds are available. They can also pre-order their drinks from the online menu.

    Hotel and restaurant employees can access the online reservation system via the app and offer online card payment for the customers. The app can be used to call servers, and thus allows for interaction between customers and restaurant owners.

    It’s designed to improve the customer experience and the servers services. As an ideal link between technology and people, through this initiative, MYBEA aims to increase customer loyalty, to boost turnover as a result and being more competitive.

    The app is active 24/7 and customers can even make reservations from their home before they arrive at their holiday destination. MYBEA sends notifications about happy hours, and about flash sales based on consumer behaviour data generated by its algorithm. According to MYBEA founder Jean-Marc Berger, the application provides hotel and restaurant owners with a user-friendly, online system that meets their space management needs and has a range of uses, from reserving sunbeds and ordering food and drinks to managing staff.


    Everything has been done to create harmony between customers, servers and managers. For more information, please visit our stand during GITEX in Sheikh Rashid Hall Stand No 21D 

    حمّل تطبيق Alamrakamy| عالم رقمي الآن