For their efficiency in accomplishing complex, high-tech tasks: " E-Finance "earns the global CMMI-DEV certification in software


    By : Basel Khaled - Mohamed Shawky

    The Financial Institutions Operating Technology Company "e-Finance" was able to obtain the CMMI-DEV v1.13 Integrated Quality Model for Development Certificate, which is a global certificate in software development, which the company obtained after successfully passing the third level of the model with its application of the advanced "agile" methodology. To build and manage software projects. E-Finance received the certificate from CMMI, the world leader in developing best practices in people, processes, and technology.

    The model was developed by the American Software Engineering Institute (SEI), an institute affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University, a university. An American specialist in computer science and technology.

    The model is considered one of the most important international quality certificates in the field of software, as it determines the maturity of companies working in software development. It was originally developed with funding from the US Department of Defense to assess the quality and capabilities of the software companies cooperating with it, as well as evaluating companies contracting with the US government, understanding their capabilities and analyzing Its performance, so that the certification has become evidence of the company’s compliance with the superior American standards.

    E-Finance was able to obtain the second and third levels, respectively, of the model in record time, depending on the help of the company's Software Engineering Accreditation and Assessment Center.

    By obtaining the certification, e-Finance has increased its efficiency in providing best practices organized within technical business environments, thus improving performance and achieving business objectives according to four main elements: cost reduction, time management, accurate job description and quality improvement.

    As it works in the implementation of many projects that rely on smart infrastructure for the benefit of the Egyptian government and the private sector, e-Finance has become more able to accomplish its tasks in complex high-tech business environments, and has strengthened its ability to build more advanced products and services, as well as manage and develop those Products according to a more compact and professional work cycle, and according to the highest standards of security and discipline.

    E-Finance also ensures that it is able to avoid any potential defects that affect the quality of its technical products before its launch, which means that it meets the deadlines set for the implementation of its projects, in addition to ensuring that the costs specified for the project are not exceeded in advance. . This certification also ensures that e-Finance is able to provide its customers with products that exceed their expectations especially with regard to the entire product life cycle from delivery to maintenance and operations.

    At the level of the company itself, the certification demonstrates that e-Finance has acquired the organizational flexibility necessary to take advantage of opportunities to enhance revenues and reduce costs to deliver products and services quickly, effectively and consistently, as well as possessing a clear roadmap for capacity building, improvement and measurement. By obtaining the certificate, e-Finance confirms its merit in the position it obtained as the most important outlet for digital transformation and financial inclusion projects in Egypt. Despite the completion of many major projects that entered Egypt in a very advanced stage of digital technology, the company continues to always develop its capabilities according to the highest International standards and works on updating its products to provide services befitting the level of the Egyptian state and the dignity of the Egyptian citizen.

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