Sita Egypt" supports the hotel sector with the latest technological solutions for electronic hotel reservation in cooperation with Rit Jain International A


    By: Mohamed Shawky – Adel Farig


    SITA Egypt - which specializes in tourism technology solutions - today revealed its efforts to support the hotel sector in Egypt, as it signed an exclusive partnership contract with Rate Gain International. Through it, SITA Egypt can provide advanced technical solutions in electronic reservation systems for hotels in order to facilitate the electronic hotel reservation process and increase hotel sales through electronic channels in a way that supports the sector and contributes to increasing revenues and sales of the Egyptian hotel sector.


    For his part, Kamesh Shukla, Vice Chairman and CEO of the Asia, Europe and the Middle East regions of Rate Gain, said, “We are happy to cooperate with SITA Egypt and support it as an exclusive Egyptian agent and we confirm that this partnership will work to meet the needs of independent and local hotel chains in Egypt. RateGain's distribution platform will help Egyptian hotels connect to more than 1500 online selling platforms worldwide, and it also provides tools to monitor the sector's market competitiveness through sophisticated statistical and analytical reports, and through these solutions, hotels will be helped to generate more revenue every day.


    Using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine learning techniques He added, Rate Gain, a global company, is providing an integrated and advanced digital system for global and local hotel chains through a package of applications to help increase the volume of sales, focus on electronic channels and increase the volume of their operation in line with digital transformation and financial inclusion policies to keep pace with global development in this field. For his part, Eng. Adel Abdel Masih, Director General of SITA Egypt, affirmed his happiness at its importance at this time when the state is undertaking digital transformation in all sectors, in addition to the tireless efforts made by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to revitalize tourism and promote the Egyptian hotel sector.


    He added that there are many service providers in this field, but Sita Egypt aspires to become the leading service provider for hotel hospitality services in the Egyptian market with the help of the best technological solutions such as RezGain and Optima Market, because both of them are an innovative technical product and are internationally recognized in the hotel industry.

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