Together we Share: Carrefour’s 2021 Ramadan Theme Revives the Essence of the Holy Month

  • Carrefour Egypt encourages customers to live Ramadan as they know it: practising generosity, and spirituality and celebrating connection.



    By : Basel Khaled


    Carrefour, owned and operated by Majid Al Futtaim in Egypt has revealed the theme of its 2021 Ramadan Campaign, Together we Share. As a champion of its communities, Carrefour is dedicated to keeping the sacred rituals of Ramadan alive and enabling its customers to create special Ramadan moments together.


    The theme of the campaign has been purposefully created to remind customers across the region about the essence of Ramadan. Despite a very different and unconventional Holy Month in 2020, Carrefour wants to be at the centre of helping its communities create special Ramadan moments together and experience the Holy Month as they know it; through giving and generosity, connecting with family and friends, spirituality and celebration.


    Focused on delivering exceptional value through every experience, Carrefour is committed to providing customers with the freshest ingredients and widest range of food products for Iftar and Suhoor; all the necessary decorative elements and accessories for decorating a festive and welcoming Ramadan home; and a wide range of gifting options.


    Through the Together we Share theme, Carrefour will be encouraging its communities to: eat good to feel good – focusing on healthy eating and a nutrient dense diet to keep bodies and minds at optimal during the Holy Month; buy local – by highlighting locally produced and sourced items and products; and get involved in sustainability and charity initiatives as part of its mission to uplift its surrounding communities.


    Carrefour is offering customers discounts and promotions across all Ramadan essentials including 19 per cent off on imported meat, 13 per cent off on cheeses (with some cheeses at a bargain price of 99 pounds per kilo), and 30 per cent off on various Yamish Ramadan products. Giving shoppers the chance to support local farmers and suppliers, Carrefour is promoting local fresh fruits and vegetables at its stores countrywide throughout the Holy Month.


    Furthermore, the retailer is providing opportunities for its customers to give back through its donation drive of pre-packed Ramadan essentials boxes.


    With a focus on community engagement, each Ramadan, Carrefour provides opportunities for customers to do their part in helping those in need. This year the brand has partnered with the Egyptian Food Bank to provide meals for 400 families that equates to meals for approximately 2,000 individuals through the charity’s Rest of Pound initiative.


    Customers will also be able to donate online starting from denominations of EGP 5.  Online donations will be used to create a Ramadan Box of daily food essentials which will be distributed by the Egyptian Food Bank to Egyptians that need it most.


    To learn more about our offers and additional details, please visit the Carrefour website:

    حمّل تطبيق جريدة عالم رقمي الآن