Egypt’s First Graduates of the Trainer Incubator Programme (TIP) Ready to Enter Workforce

  • TIP graduates complete fully funded 9-month certification program

    - Graduates are now “Master Trainers” in vocational training


    By : Basel Khaled


    The Egyptian German Technical Academy (EGT Academy) graduated its first group of Certified Master Trainers from the Trainer Incubator Programme (TIP).

    This programme is part of the Strategic Alliance between Siemens Energy in Egypt and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit- (GIZ) Egypt, implemented on behalf of the German Government in the framework of its commitment to Egypt’s economic development.

    The fully funded Trainer Incubator Programme (TIP) took place at EGT Academy, a state-of-the-art training hub for vocational training in the region located in Ain Sokhna.

    Over the past nine months, ten young talents from the Egyptian industry and academia, who had the required hands-on experience, were trained to become master trainers in the Egyptian market. “We all have a responsibility to support our country’s social and economic growth and occupational education is definitely a major pillar in this respect.


    This group graduating today is only the beginning,” said Emad Ghaly, Managing Director of Siemens Energy in Egypt. “I am proud that Siemens Energy is part of this initiative that will enable Egyptian youth to create a better future for themselves, their communities and the Egyptian society.


    ” The training was conducted in partnership with Industrie Handelskammer (IHK) and covered the context and scope of providing vocational education and training; curriculum development and course design; technical training and quality management, among other subjects.


    It concluded with the development of a complete 40h course (including logbook, time tabling, development of lessons, exercises, and exams corresponding to learning outcomes as well as teaching materials) for technicians, advanced students, graduates, technical faculties from local universities in Egypt. 

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