LG Egypt introduces its latest Multi AI QNED Mini LED TV

  • By : Adel Farig


    LG Egypt announced today its new Multi AI QNED Mini LED, characterized by the highest Mini LED back lighting technology, which was developed for a much smaller LED size, giving 30 times the number of LEDs in LED screens, 28,000 LEDs in total, and the number of blackout areas was developed to become 14 times the number in LED screens to reach 2,400 blackout areas.


    The QNED Mini LED has Quantum dot NanoCell Color, the highest color technology, combining a new NanoCell+ material with Quantumdot material, in the same TV, providing a greater range of colors, and color details like no other in LED TVs. Piece Dimming technology, provides higher levels of control over backlight levels and deeper black colors


    The New QNED Mini LED, has 8K Resolution (7680 * 4320) with 33 million pixels and a Real8K certificate that certifies the screen has reached the manufacturing specifications approved by the CTA (Consumer Technology Association), additionally 100% Color Consistency certificate from Intertek, which certifies that it gives stable color grades at 100% from any viewing angle, as the Quantum dot NanoCell Color technology gives 100% greater color range and volume.


    QNED Mini LED features the highest HDR technology, Dolby Vision IQ, that works to adjust image settings with AI techniques based on the type of content displayed, the ambient light levels of the TV are AI Brightness Control, giving users an ideal picture, compatible with the viewing programs that support the technology.


    Dolby vision with AI Dynamic Tone Mapping & Scene Analysis through which the displayed scenes are divided into small squares, to improve noise and remove it from each square separately to highlight all the details of the displayed scene

    AI Sound pro is an added feature in LG’s new QNED Mini LED, to redistribute sound into 5.1.2 Ch. to determine the type of content mode and distributes the sound to offer a surround sound experience, and adjusts the TV’s volume level automatically, eliminating sudden changes in the volume when user changes channels or content displayed from the applications, and LG screens are wirelessly compatible with the highest audio technology systems from WiSA for a perfect audio experience.


    QNED Mini LED α9 Gen4 AI 8K Processor, selects the best mode for picture and sound, removes all noise, and upgrades scenes, providing recommendations based on viewer preferences to give an unparalleled viewing experience with the perfect picture quality and sound distribution. Additionally, the ThinQ AI operating system is compatible with all AI systems and enables you to control different home devices and is compatible with IOS operating systems, meaning you can control your home from the Siri assistant through the Apple Homekit


    An all-new Magic Remote comes with The QNED Mini LED featuring a sleek design, easy control via voice commands in Arabic and more than 20 languages, and the Magic Tap (NFC) feature that facilitates TV connection with your smart phone. You can transfer content to and from the phone and enable control changing channels and running TV applications from your phone.


    We are empowering our consumers by bringing them the highest technologies, offering them the best experience through Multi AI features in LG’s all-new QNED Mini LED, starting with the α9 Gen4 AI 8k processor that selects the best mode for picture and sound, along with the AI Dynamic Tone Mapping & Scene Analysis,  ThinQ AI operating system enabling consumers to control different home devices, AI Sound pro for a unique surround sound experience, and the NFC feature that facilitates TV connection with smartphones. ” Stated Billy Kim, Managing Director, LG Egypt.


    QNED Mini LED has a collection of settings in one place, Game Optimizer, making it easy for gamers to prepare best gaming options. Game Genre improves the picture quality by simply connecting the games to the TV by detecting 4 different types of Games: Standard, FPS, RPG, and RTS. AI Game Sound. 


     It also enhances sound effects and uses clear, ambient sound for a more immersive gaming experience. While maintaining Low Input lag & ALLM and HDMI 2.1 8K inputs that reduce the latency of commands from gaming devices to the screen, HDR gaming technologies (HGIG MODE), are compatible with all gaming systems and devices to ensure that you get all the details of the scenes displayed regardless of the scene conditions of high or low lighting.

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