The 7th Annual Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference (ICEC 2021) Kicks Off 27 October in Cairo


    ICEC is the ideal platform for global industry leaders to deliver sustainable intelligent cities for the future generations


    By : Basel Khaled


    ROOT Technologies, the organizer of Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference (ICEC) (, has announced the dates of the 7th round of Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference (ICEC).  The Middle East and Africa’s foremost smart and sustainable cities event is set to take place this year 27-28 October 2021 in Cairo, Egypt.


    Ahmed Issa, CEO, ROOT Technologies commented by saying, “Each year we take a step forward in delivering sustainable intelligent cities for the future generations. Over the years ICEC has been fantastically well-received, and ICEC 2021 will be even more successful.


    With senior level decision makers and participants in attendance, we received tremendous feedback from our attendees, speakers and sponsors alike on the quality of the content, networking, generated business opportunities and the overall experience, making ICEC the must attend event to meet global industry leaders and engage in mega projects.”


    ICEC brings together the most influential consultants, real estate investors, developers, mixed-use developers, industrial zones developers, city planners, vendors, technology providers, systems integrators, architects, designers, government and telecom authorities as well as contractors and building material providers. It is the leading event to gain insight on how to generate significant returns by turning your development into an intelligent sustainable city.


    ICEC is backed by industry leaders such as HitekNOFAL Solutions - R&M - STL - HD Anywhere - MOBOTIX - Zoho - HFCL Group - Tripleplay - Intertech - EELAF - X-Zone - ABB - Grape Solutions to name a few. It is the leading event to gain insight on how to generate significant returns by turning your development into an intelligent sustainable city.


    Intelligent Cities have become essential to achieve better quality of life for current and future generations. It is also one of the biggest growth areas impacting sectors such as the ICT, energy, transport and real estate sectors. Driven by the demand for advanced and 'always on' solutions and services, the Middle East is expected to play a leading role. The need to improve existing infrastructure as well as efficiently maximizing current resources is further fueling demand. Intelligent cities bring value added benefits to developers and city planners by increasing investment returns. While new services built on cutting edge technologies enrich citizens' quality of life.


    ICEC Features

    FTTx - Triple Play - Telecom - Mobility - Data Centers - Command & Control Centers - Residential & Enterprise Cabling - Wiring Devices - Home Automation - BMS - HVAC - Access Control - Fire & Security Systems - Surveillance - Digital Signage - Unified Communications - High Speed Communication - Outdoor & Street Lighting - LED Lighting - Power Plants - Electrical Distribution & Smart Grids - Renewable Energies - Solar & Wind Fields - Green Technology - Environmental Analysis - Water Control & Pumps - Water & Waste Water Treatment - Irrigation Systems - Industrial Systems - Garbage Collection Systems - Eco-friendly Transportation Systems - Connected Cars - Parking Systems - Facilities Management Systems & Applications - Meteorological Technologies - ERP - Big Data - Cloud Computing - Internet of Things - M2M - Artificial Intelligence - Blockchain - Information Security - E-Learning, E-Health & E-Finance - Elevators, Escalators & Moving Walks - Green Building Materials


    “ICEC is a must attend event for those committed to achieving an urban future by developing smart and sustainable cities and we’re looking forward to welcoming participants to Cairo,” concluded Issa.


    During ICEC 2021 HitekNOFAL Solutions will be launching its first end-to-end IoT customized smart cities product; “UNITIVITY” in partnership with SSTM & SpimeSenseLabs; two Egyptian Companies. During the exhibition, the team will be presenting the following three demos:

    Smart Waste treatment

    Smart Parking

    Smart Lighting System


    HitekNOFAL Solutions will also announce its recent partnership with NBG Group, a 25-year-old Austrian based company, leading in the global fiber optics market, and specializing in smart Fiber Optic (FO) Technologies, produces Preforms, FO cables, Fiber in Metal Tube, FO connectivity products, FO Sensing Solutions, and FTTx solutions. NBG offers Fiber Optic Solutions for different applications like Security, Structural Health Monitoring and Smart City applications. NBG Group, is headquartered in Gmünd, Austria, with subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, and the Czech Republic.


    HitekNOFAL Solution will also be presenting new trends in Data Centers.


    Also the IoT software developed by Grape Solutions is set to be the most comprehensive IoT platform for all business sectors as the Hungarian National Research, Development, and Innovation Office also supports Grape Solutions' IoT innovation developments from this year on.


    Grape’s IoT solution provides unprecedented levels of IoT device monitoring with rule automations, diagnoses, alert management, and setting maintenance appointments. The platform’s enhanced analytics dashboard ensures to receives all statistics and reports on time. The solution enables manufacturers, operators and administrators to make effective decisions based on live IoT device-group data.


    Grape Solutions Ltd. - listed on Financial Times’ Europe’s fastest growing companies 1000 list in 2021 - offers a complex IoT platform package to help businesses in joining the global IoT ecosystem. Any type of device can be added to the platform, enabling organizations to collect and analyse information coming from implemented devices, and sensors on time. The IoT platform is a ready-to-use solution and can be easily adjusted for the organisation’s unique needs and business scaling.


    The IoT platform is widely used to manage problems occurring in the Energy & Utility sector; handle electric vehicle charging points; create smart homes and manage fleet operations cost-efficiently.


    The conference is dedicated to promoting knowledge sharing and networking opportunities while the exhibition space allows participants to showcase their innovations, technologies and products to key decision makers.


    Registration for ICEC 2021 is open.  To obtain an exhibition pass and learn more about ICEC 2021, please visit









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