Careem Egypt partners with Amenli to offer MEdical and Car Insurance services for its Captains

  • By : Wael Elhosany


    Careem Egypt, the leading ride-hailing technology platform, has partnered with for Insurance Services to offer the Captains working on Careem App in Egypt both medical and car insurance. This partnership is a continuation of the initiatives that Careem Egypt has launched earlier this year, which the company called “The Captains’ Year” and aims to improve the Captains experience with Careem.

    The insurance services contracted by Careem and provided by include health insurance at a special price and in installments, and medical discount cards, in addition to car insurance, which includes the ability to repair the car, pay compensation and submit an accident document.

    Haitham Essam, General Manager of Careem in Egypt, said: "We continue to offer our Captains new solutions and services in cooperation with our partners who always support Careem and its Captains.

    We are pleased with our cooperation with for insurance brokerage as they enable us to provide our Captains and their families with both health and car insurance, and we are also happy to be the first ride-hailing company to offer top-notch insurance services to its Captains in Egypt.”

    He added, "We strive to support our Captains and enhance their experience by responding to their suggestions and encourage them to improve the quality of the service they provide to our customers, and we will further support them through offering them an array of benefits and rewards throughout the year."

    The insurance services that provides apply to both Careem’s Platinum and Gold Captains.

    Shady El Tohfa, CEO, said: "Our partnership with Careem Egypt aligns with our strategy to raise awareness for the importance of insurance among individuals in the country; helping them live safely and securely without worries. We are proud to kick-off phase 1 of our collaboration with Careem Egypt to democratize medical and car insurance in 3 steps only, in addition to availing all means of online payments and installments for the insurance policies. Our target at is to make it easy for millions of Egyptians to insure their most valuable assets and to protect them from any unexpected incidents and lessen their financial woes." 

    El Tohfa added: "We would like to thank Careem for cooperating with in providing insurance for its Captains. This is in alignment with the strategy of the Financial Regulatory Authority to extend the insurance coverage to a broader segment which is evident by their continuous support towards Amenli’s efforts in providing innovative technological solutions”.

    Earlier this year, Careem Egypt announced several initiatives to support its Captains, including reducing the commission fee from 19% to 15% on Go Awfar rides in Cairo and Alexandria to help the captains achieve more earnings while continuing to provide the best level of services to a wide range of customers. In addition, they increased the cash limit for Captains with the ability to pay through Fawry, Meeza, and e-wallets and bank accounts, which gives them more payment flexibility and the opportunity to complete more rides and at the same time maintain the highest service quality. The company has also reduced the release time for all rides to become 5 minutes only, and has allowed Captains to change the governorate where they operate through simple steps on the App, which gives Captains more flexibility at work through allowing them to complete rides in various cities and governorates across Egypt.

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