B.TECH and Intouch.com team up to transform the consumer electronics market in Egypt

  • By :Bakinam Khaled




    B.TECH and Intouch.com have signed a partnership agreement to transform the consumer electronics market by combining B.TECH’s market-leading electronic retail services with Intouch.com’s intelligent AI-driven in-store customer personalization platform. B.TECH and Intouch are working closely on their innovation strategy that involves developing the first consumer electronics retail media network in the world.


    This will lead B.TECH to navigate successful unparalleled digital transformations and build profitable personalized shopping experiences inside the physical stores.



    “Intouch.com has built a technology that allows retailers and brands to better partner with each other to deliver a more relevant shopping experience and increase product sales.


    Their AI-driven platform enables us, as retailers, to scale our retail media businesses using standardized workflows and real-time metrics, which I believe, will help our innovation plan to be executed exactly as we desire,” said Dr. Mahmoud Khattab, Chairman and CEO of B.TECH.


    B.TECH has partnered with Intouch to optimize its media platform. Its objective is to connect with their customers more closely and optimize their operational efficiency by digitizing their stores in a more personalized manner to improve the shopping experience and help its brand to grow at scale.



    “When we chose Intouch.com, we were certain that we’re investing in the long-term success of B.TECH.


    Their advanced solution doesn’t only make the store more engaging and delightful, but it also harnesses the power of data to collect accurate insights that help us increase sales and have a higher ROI, experiencing digitization on a whole new level,” said Nadeem Khourshid, CMO at B.TECH.


    “Working with a mega electronics retailer like B.TECH is an absolute pleasure! We are very excited to see our solution deployed in the Egyptian market. The collaboration with B.TECH will help us both create a new in-store digital revolution in the Egyptian retail industry, and we’re very excited about that,” said Tim Arits, CEO at Intouch.com.


    B.TECH is an Egyptian shareholding company founded in 1997. It became the largest chain specializing in trading and distributing home appliances and electronics in the Arab Republic of Egypt. They have 143 branches in 25 cities. Intouch.com’s solution is now deployed in all B.TECH and B.TECHX stores.


    Intouch.com is a Dublin-based retail media network founded in 2015. Its solution enables retailers to offer personalized product recommendations to shoppers inside physical retail stores and is now used by several leading retailers worldwide, as it is operating in Europe, Latin America, and the MENA region. Intouch.com is currently closing several deals in Egypt and the Middle East and expanding its teams in El Gouna office in Egypt and its office in Mexico.


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