VictoryLink and RoboGarden Canada Collaborate to Launch the Leading Integrated Digital Skills Platform in the Middle East, RoboGarden Egypt

  • By : Wael Elhosany 


    VictoryLink, the leading integrated technology and digital solutions provider, in partnership with Robogarden Canada, owner of the leading educational platform in digital education in Canada, hosted the launch ceremony of the Robogarden Egypt platform, the leading integrated platform for digital skills in the Middle East. The platform aims to train children and adults on digital and entrepreneurial skills as part of VictoryLink's efforts to support digital transformation in Egypt in line with Egypt Vision 2030.

    The launch ceremony was attended by H.E. Mr. Louis Dumas, Ambassador of Canada to Egypt; H.E. Ambassador Mohamed Khairat, the Assistant Minister for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs; Prof. Dr. Naser El-Sheimy, Chairman of RoboGarden Canada, Dr. Mohamed El Habiby, President of RoboGarden Canada; Mrs. Engy El-Saban, CEO and Board Member of VictoryLink, Mr. Amr Amer, Director of digital transformation and Digital center at Orange Egypt, and Mr. Khaled Ibrahim, Chairman of Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications who gave opening remarks to review the goals of the Robogarden Egypt platform, role to bridge the gap between the unemployment rate and the labor market needs of the skills and techniques required in addition to creating a new generation of young programmers, content developers, and entrepreneurs who are skilled in digital skills.


    The ceremony was also attended by H.E. Dr. Amr Madkour, Chancellor of the Minister for Information Systems & Digital Transformation and Mr. Hany Moussa, Business Solutions Director at e-finance. In addition to our partners, Wize firm for financial consultancy’s founder and CEO, Mr. Moenes Amin.


    RoboGarden Egypt is the leading integrated platform in the Middle East that provides digital educational programs for children and adults in order to enhance their technical skills and prepare them for the labor market by providing the most advanced training programs in the fields of programming, science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics materials, also known as the (STEAM) system.

    The platform uses the latest technologies of artificial intelligence and interactive game-based learning to develop content that facilitates the understanding process and helps students in active learning, starting from the initial stages of learning until the stage of mastery and excellence without the need to seek the help of any other external sources.

    The Canadian Ambassador to Egypt, H.E. Mr. Louis Dumas, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership between one of the most prominent science and technology companies in Canada, RoboGarden, and one of the leading Egyptian companies in providing integrated technological and digital solutions, VictoryLink, saying: "Today we are witnessing a new step towards strengthening the Canadian-Egyptian relations represented by the launch of the Canadian digital education platform in Egypt, which comes in parallel with the efforts of both countries in building bilateral relations over the past years.” He also thanked RoboGarden Canada for transferring Canadian technology to Egypt, saying: "You bring students and educational institutions the programming skills and digital culture required to keep pace with the rapid growth of the technology field, which contributes to achieving Egypt's digital vision 2030." He added, "I also commend VictoryLink's effective role in building partnerships that help spread the culture of digital education in Egyptian society, which will achieve many successes in the future."


    Commenting on the launch, H.E. Ambassador Mohamed Khairat, the Assistant Minister for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs, stated: “Despite the global economic challenges, Egypt has always been fertile soil for foreign investments. In 2022, Egypt attracted over USD 7 billion of direct foreign investments, which we believe is just the start of bigger investment opportunities in the future.” He added, “The ministry is delighted to be part of the inauguration of such a promising platform that reflects the ministry’s efforts in cooperating with Egyptian investors and businessmen living abroad, aiming at connecting them to their roots and allowing them to give back to their community by investing in the Egyptian human capital.”

    Mrs. Engy El-Saban, CEO and Board Member of VictoryLink, expressed her pride in the new cooperation, saying: “The partnership with RoboGarden Canada comes within the framework of VictoryLink’s constant endeavors of supporting digital transformation in Egypt, being the leading company in providing integrated technological and digital solutions. By launching the leading integrated platform for digital skills in the Middle East, we are taking a pivotal step toward building a society that possesses the tools and technological solutions that enable it to keep up with the digital transformation era the whole world is witnessing. We are therefore proud of this collaboration to provide the most advanced training programs in various fields that are scientifically planned in a simple way to help trainees in acquiring digital and entrepreneurial skills in a smooth and organized manner, aiming at bridging the gap between the requirements of the labor market and the unemployment rate in Egypt and the Middle East.

    El-Saban also added, “Both companies’ efforts go beyond providing the latest educational programs to train the students on how to find job opportunities that enable them to use the knowledge they acquired through the “Learn to Earn” program that the platform offers at the end of each training course. The program is introduced by experts in the field of freelancing from all over the world to achieve our goal of creating an integrated platform that meets all the academic and professional needs of the trainees”.


    For his part, Dr. Mohamed El Habiby, President of RoboGarden Canada, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with VictoryLink, saying that: “We are proud to enter the Egyptian market through cooperating with VictoryLink to launch RoboGarden Egypt, which will result in a significant contribution in transferring the company’s expertise in Canada and around the world to Egypt and the Middle East  as we aim to invest in Egypt’s human capital and contribute to the digital development of societies. Through the programs and training courses that the platform will offer, all segments of society will be able to acquire the advanced technical skills that qualify them for the labor market and freelancing opportunities.”


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