Huawei Cloud: Infrastructure of Choice for AI with 10 Systematic Innovations Unveiled in MWC Barcelona 2024

  • By : Wael Elgafary


    This year's Huawei Cloud Summit demonstrates how Huawei Cloud is the infrastructure of choice for AI applications. With the theme of "Accelerate Intelligence with Everything as a Service", the 500-strong event brought together executives and experts from diverse industries, such as carrier, finance, and Internet. Huawei Cloud presented 10 AI-oriented innovations and extensive industry expertise of Pangu models. The objective is an AI-ready infrastructure tailored to each industry for a faster journey towards intelligence.


    Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Service, said in her speech: " Huawei Cloud is one of the fastest growing cloud service providers in the world. At Huawei Cloud, we're all about pushing boundaries and bringing cutting-edge tech to customers around the world. We have launched a series of local cloud Regions in recent years, such as in Ireland, Türkiye, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, giving customers easy access to the best-performing cloud.


    With over 120 security certifications worldwide, you can be sure your business and data are safe and sound. But it is not just about the tech. We believe in helping our partners grow alongside us, and this goal is now backed by our GoCloud and GrowCloud programs.


    And let's not forget AI – it is reshaping everything, and we're at the forefront. We're building a solid cloud foundation for everyone, for every industry, to accelerate intelligence."


    Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Service Today's foundation models redefine production, interaction, service paradigms, and business models for traditional applications. They make AI a new engine for the growth of cloud computing. While the potential is vast, implementing AI in line with business objectives requires systematic innovation. Huawei Cloud CTO Bruno Zhang said that "Huawei Cloud will help you with two strategies. AI for Cloud uses AI and foundation models to elevate your experience. They revolutionize software development, digital content production, and more.


    Cloud for AI makes AI adoption seamless and efficient. Architectural innovation, AI-native storage, and data-AI convergence empower you to train and use AI like never before."

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