The Lava": IRIS 54 " phone carries 16 GB RAM, a print sensor and a large 5.5-inch screen

  • By ; Basel Khaled

    Cairo, December 30, 2019: The Indian Lava Company, the leading company in the Indian mobile phone industry, started its third year in the Egyptian market by launching its latest smart phone (Iris 54), which is an IRIS 54 phone with standard specifications at a price that is a surprise, the first of its kind for Lava customers in the Egyptian market Preceded by 500 outlets throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.

    Vikram Singh Pramar, CEO of Lava Technologies, said that his company has always focused on the youth category in the Egyptian market and seeks to provide products from its phones with the latest technologies and high-quality products at affordable prices so that young people can enjoy photography and communication experiences, especially since most of the young people are coming to the mid-year vacation .

    "Vikram" added that the new Lava (Iris 54) phone is equipped with a large 5.5-inch screen with the latest 18: 9 technology, face lightening feature, 16 GB RAM and a print sensor.

    "Vikram" explained that the device is being put on the market with a focus on Egyptian students and youth and giving them a product that meets the needs of the younger generation at a price of 1025 pounds.

    "Vikram" indicated that "Iris 54 contains a 3200 mAh battery and the latest Android system, and the device will be available in 5,000 outlets across Egypt and will carry a standard warranty for a year

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