Turkish Ambassador to Egypt Tours Beko Factory in 10th of Ramadan City

  • By: Pakinam Khaled



    The Turkish Ambassador to Egypt, His Excellency Salih Mutlu Şen, embarked on a visit to the Beko Home Appliances Factory in 10th of Ramadan City.


    This visit aimed to acquaint the ambassador with the operational achievements of the factory, aligning with efforts to foster economic growth, bolster trade ties, and catalyze investments between Egypt and Turkey. Accompanied by Umit Gunel, General Manager of Beko Egypt and Regional Director for North West Africa, the ambassador toured the facility, gaining insights into Beko Egypt's cutting-edge technologies and commitment to the highest production quality standards.


    Expressing his delight as witnessing Beko Global becoming Worldwide #2 and Europe’s leading home appliance company with 45 factories and 22 brands globally, Ambassador Salih Mutlu Şen underscored the significance of Beko's investments in Egypt. He emphasized that Beko's presence embodies the deep-rooted relations between the two nations and reinforces their shared commitment to enhancing economic cooperation.


    Mr. Umit Gunel, General Manager of Beko Egypt and Regional Director for North-West Africa, echoed Ambassador Şen's sentiments, highlighting the Turkish government's unwavering support for Turkish companies operating abroad. He remarked, "We take immense pride in our achievements over the past decade, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our steadfast determination to expand our operations in Egypt aligns with our vision and contributes to bolstering the national economy, in line with the shared goals of both nations to foster investment cooperation."


    The Beko Egypt factory stands as a beacon of modern manufacturing, boasting a capacity to produce approximately 1.2 million appliances annually, including refrigerators and ovens equipped with environmentally friendly and energy-saving technology. This aligns with Egypt's pursuit of comprehensive development and transition to a green economy. With investments totaling around $100 million and providing over 2,000 direct and indirect job opportunities, the factory aims to enhance the Egyptian economic development by surpassing a 50% local component target.




    Beko envisions its factory, sprawling across 114 thousand square meters, to serve as a regional export hub for European, African and Middle Eastern countries. With 60% of its annual production earmarked for international markets, the factory boasts an annual export potential worth $250 million.


    Beko's commitment to environmental sustainability and cutting-edge technology has positioned it as a leading brand in Europe, resonating with consumers across Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa. The company's future plans include establishing a research and development center to ensure the transfer of technical knowledge, enabling the presentation of its diverse range of products to the Egyptian market with the same quality standards upheld in its factories worldwide


    In addition; Beko Egypt Trading Company is also investing Retail Business in Egypt to open 250 Concept Stores, 50 Service Centers and create 1.000 additional jobs to contribute Egyptian economy.




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