Henkel Egypt Renews 3-Year Partnership with ITIDA to Expand IT Investments and Export Services through its Global Business Solutions Office in Cairo

  • By : Bakinam Khaled


    Henkel Egypt has renewed its collaboration with the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) for another three years, underscoring its commitment to bolstering its investments in information technology and expanding its export services through its Global Business Solutions (GBS) Office in Egypt. This partnership represents a significant milestone in the company’s strategic objectives in the IT sector, supporting Egypt’s transition towards an advanced and sustainable digital economy, fostering the growth of the technology sector in Egypt, enhancing innovation and development, creating job opportunities, and stimulating investment in IT and communication infrastructure.


    The renewed collaboration aims to create more job opportunities i, thereby supporting the growth of IT service exports through Henkel’s Global Business Solutions Office in Egypt. This will be facilitated by the incentives provided by ITIDA to support expansion and growth in the IT sector for multinational companies.


    Egypt’s technology sector is rapidly evolving, with a strategic focus on enhancing the offshoring industry and investing in digital capacity-building programs for youth to ensure the availability of skills needed to meet the demands of foreign investments in offshoring, while nurturing technological innovation and entrepreneurship. Achieving this goal has been significantly aided by Egypt's substantial progress in IT offshoring services, enhancing its reputation as a preferred global destination for shared services.


    Eng. Ahmed El-Zaher, CEO of ITIDA, remarked: "We are delighted to renew the agreement with Henkel, reflecting the fruitful cooperation between the agency and the company over the past decade. The incentive programs offered by ITIDA have contributed to training and equipping the workforce with modern technologies that are in high demand in both global and local markets, such as IT solutions, business operations, engineering, and research and development, to support all Henkel's shared operations and activities. Additionally, the agency remains committed to attracting more global companies to establish centers for exporting shared services from Egypt, reinforcing its position as a leading destination for offshoring and technology services in the region."


    Sherine Alaa, Head of the Global Business Solutions Cairo, Henkel Egypt, stated: "We are pleased to renew our collaboration with ITIDA to expand our operations in Egypt in alignment with the country’s digital development goals and increasing technological exports. This cooperation reflects our confidence in the exceptional skills and capabilities of the Egyptian young talents.


    At Henkel, we are committed not only to strengthening our presence in Egypt but also to contributing to the growth of digital exports from the country. This partnership underscores the strategic importance of Egypt to Henkel globally, and we look forward to a successful collaboration that creates job opportunities and encourages digital exports in Egypt."


    The Global Business Solutions Office in Egypt is one of five such centers worldwide and a pivotal element in Henkel's digital transformation efforts, aimed at increasing the company's export revenues. The global service centers manage all shared operations and activities for Henkel, including human resources services, customer service, supply chain monitoring, sales reporting, marketing support, cost control, data management, sales order processing, and payment operations, in Arabic, English, and French for several Arab and regional markets, as well as India.


    Henkel Egypt is a prominent supporter of Egypt’s Vision 2030, particularly as the Egyptian government continues to support the ICT sector as a fundamental part of the economy and a key driver of the future vision. The company invests in digital infrastructure, local talent, improving ease of doing business, and enhancing the interactive skills of its employees in technological and digital sectors.

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