OPPO is getting ready to launch Reno12 F 5G with distinctive AI Technology and a remarkable design

  • By ; Bakinam Khaled 


    Global technology brand, OPPO is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the highly anticipated Reno12 F 5G in Egypt. Set to debut in the coming weeks, this cutting-edge phone promises to redefine the smartphone experience with its unparalleled AI capabilities.

    The much-anticipated Reno12 F 5G by OPPO is heralding a new era of innovation with a suite of industry-leading GenAI features designed to unlock new realms of productivity and creativity. Offering users unparalleled capabilities, Reno12 F 5G pushes the boundaries of what is possible, As it marks a new chapter in the history of Reno Series and represents the first major release under OPPO’s commitment to accelerating the adoption of AI phones.

    Raghda Amer, PR Manager OPPO Egypt, expressed OPPO happiness with the upcoming release "We are incredibly excited to introduce the Reno12 F 5G, which exemplifies OPPO's dedication to innovation and excellence. The Reno12 F 5G ushers in a new era of AI phones, revolutionizing user interactions with its advanced GenAI features. These capabilities mark a significant leap in technology, enabling users to reach unprecedented levels of productivity and creativity. This launch represents a crucial milestone for OPPO as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the smartphone industry."

    In a groundbreaking development for the Reno Series, the OPPO Reno12 F 5G introduces two captivating new colors: Olive Green and Amber Orange. This flagship model also features a brand-new "Cosmos Ring Design," inspired by classic wristwatches. This innovative design redefines the aesthetics of the Reno series and sets a stunning stage for a new era in mobile technology & design.


    The OPPO Reno12 F 5G showcases a stunning design, exceptional quality, and outstanding durability, reinforced by All-Round Armour. This innovative feature comprises a suite of advanced materials and structures, offering comprehensive protection against everyday drops, scratches, pressure, and water splashes.


    Aligned with OPPO’s AI strategy, OPPO has reaffirmed its commitment to extending AI capabilities beyond high-end flagship smartphones. By 2024, OPPO aims to introduce generative AI features to approximately 50 million users. To achieve this goal, OPPO has partnered with industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, MediaTek, and Qualcomm, working together to accelerate the launch of the next generation of AI phones.



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