Newly launched YOSR app poised to transform global mobile app industry

  • ·       Users can win real gold as part of app’s unique points award system

    ·       Easy-to-navigate mobile app allows buying, selling, advertising & auctioning off products


    By : Mohamed El Kholy



    Naya TechnoMedia, a leading technology solutions provider, has formally introduced starting from the Arab world its innovative YOSR mobile application, a potent business marketing tool.

     YOSR app is a revolutionary and smart platform designed to empower users to buy, advertise, sell and auction off a myriad of products across categories. Packed with exciting features, this app is crafted to value the time of its users. It rewards users with points, which can later on be turned to real gold, for their engagement and time spent browsing the platform.  In addition, the app enables them to interact and exchange information with like-minded people in an easy-to-navigate and secure space. 

    Ahmad Abdulhadi, Managing Director of Naya TechnoMedia, said: “We are confident that YOSR app can transform the landscape of the mobile app industry due to its unique interface and features. This platform is the realization of our dream to introduce to the regional and global market an intelligent portal for e-commerce activities that is integrated with some elements of fun and rewards for the users. One of the most amazing features of this app is its unique system that enables transferring points between accounts, sending invitations to join groups, and obtaining exclusive discounts from restaurants, clinics and service providers using QR Codes which will be shared by our partners with limited number of people and for confined time.

    “We have chosen the Arab region to launch our revolutionary YOSR app because it is home to some of the world’s most vibrant and digital-friendly markets. Many of the countries in the region are renowned for their modern information technology infrastructure and high internet and smartphone penetration rates. We look forward to the users enjoying this comprehensive app and actively engaging with other people of the same interests and passion. Furthermore, YOSR allows users to share with us their feedback, thereby enabling us to continuously develop the app’s features and enhance user experience,” Abdulhadi added.  

    YOSR is no ordinary, traditional channel. Besides granting users with points for browsing and spending time on the app as part of its unique points award system, it also rewards them with real gold for watching advertisements until the end. This feature affords advertisers a chance to increase brand awareness and improve ads impressions.

    Yassin Alhariri, Chairman of Naya TechnoMedia, stated: “This groundbreaking app was developed bearing in mind our mission to introduce new methods to make lives easier and help advance the digital and technological world. As such, YOSR has a fast interface and is highly convenient to utilize. It is also our response to the growing usage of mobile e-commerce apps by consumers for their essential needs. YOSR was designed in a manner that reflects our ‘people-first’ approach, and the people will remain our top priority and partners of our success.”

     YOSR mobile application is poised to inspire users to engage with the new concept of advertisement and its unique system that encourages users to watch advertisements. Complete details on YOSR are available on

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