Huawei launches Huawei Launches its New "IdeaHub" System

  • Wang: We aim to provide the latest technological solutions. IdeaHub system contributes to accelerating the digital transformation.


    Nelson: IdeaHub is the first system to support the acoustic baffle function, and provides an independent and quiet conference space.



    By : Basel Khaled



    Huawei Technologies Egypt celebrated the launch of IdeaHub, one of its latest innovations that received the “Red Dot” global award in 2020, as a leadoff of its product launching campaign across the North Africa region. Huawei's IdeaHub is an innovative tool that promotes creativity as well as efficient and a multipurpose team collaboration.


    The system combines intelligent writing, cloud video conferencing, and wireless projection, aiming at creating a work environment that supports the transformation of the digital workplace.

    A great number of Huawei partners, customers, and company management members attended the event. On top of them were Mr. Ted Wang, President of Enterprise business group of Huawei Egypt, and Mr. Nader Victor Nelson, Intelligent Vision and Collaboration Solutions Manager of Huawei Egypt.


    During the conference, Huawei presented IdeaHub’s features, including intelligent writing that provides an optimal white board writing experience with a very fast response time, 35 ms ultra-low latency and 1 mm touch precision, in addition to intelligent writing recognition of texts and graphics.

    IdeaHub supports wireless projection through 60 FPS with 4K UHD image quality and multiple projection modes: one-click projection (IdeaShare Key), app projection, and reverse control. Furthermore, IdeaHub supports cloud video conferencing through third-party cloud meeting platforms (Zoom, Teams, and Webex) via the OPS with 4K professional camera, 1080p 30 FPS video hard coding, 4K data presentation, built-in 12-microphone array, 20 kHz sound pickup, and acoustic baffle to insure the purity of voice during the video conference. This all comes in addition to AutoFrame, speaker tracking, and optimal view of attendees.


    The IdeaHub smart system also includes many great applications that support Android and Windows ecosystem applications, as well as supporting bulletin board and HiBoard function, which can be used to display corporate culture, bulletins, and welcome banners. Through IdeaHub, Huawei is trying to enter the digital transformation world in all work offices.


    From his part, Mr. Ted Wang, President of Huawei Enterprise in Egypt, said, “The pandemic has contributed to accelerating the pace of digital transformation in all countries over the world. It reimagined the remote work experience for business owners to switch to work from home mode. It also made video conferencing the renowned way of communication, taking into account the precautionary measures and social distancing. Huawei launched IdeaHub to make a revolutionary step in the Egyptian market due to the distinguished technology that helps customers in their offices and daily lives."

    He also pointed out that the launch of IdeaHub comes in line with Huawei’s strategy which is specialized in communications and information technology solutions and aims to provide the latest and best advanced technological solutions to serve all sectors and achieve sustainable development plans in line with Egypt's Vision 2030.

    Mr. Nader Victor Nelson, Intelligent Vision and Collaboration Solutions Manager of Huawei Egypt, stressed that IdeaHub features a simple outline, a ballet leg support, and a 360-degree screw-free design, making it stylish and elegant. It is also worth mentioning that it is equipped with a large 4K touchscreen and an ELED screen, reducing the device thickness by 30% and achieving 1 mm touch precision.

    He added, “In terms of cameras, IdeaHub uses professional 4K cameras with a clarity of 1800 lines and smoothness of 4K 30 FPS. In addition, 12 microphone arrays are used to pick up sound from the front side of the screen at 180 degrees and 8 meters, and the speaker can be precisely located at 0.5 degrees and can process sound from 20 kHz full band.”

    He further stated that IdeaHub uses the dual-chip engine technology, with 12 GB memory, 64 GB flash memory, H.265 1080p hard encoding and decoding, built-in NFC chip, and one-touch projection  with Huawei mobile phone. Besides, the e-whiteboard provides an ultra-low writing latency of 35 ms, intelligent writing assistance, automatic conversion from handwriting to printing, continuous annotation, and saving content by scanning a QR code. It supports the public cloud service for teams, and it is the first device to provide an independent and quiet conference space and support speaker tracking.


    In terms of the cloud ecosystem, Nelson mentioned that Huawei Enterprise Vision has built-in information windows that can push images and videos. Themes can be customized for HiBoard, and 170 multi-screen apps can be adapted to HiBoard. Moreover, IdeaHub has common office apps pre-installed and provides a built-in app market, offering a massive number of HD apps covering office, information, life, and audio-visual recording needs. As for large enterprises, the management platform can push existing web applications to IdeaHub for unified application distribution and management.


    What is truly worth mentioning is that Huawei’s business in Egypt is considered a fuel for digital transformation and reshaping the business-to-business landscape, providing a foundation for industry partners to jointly develop cutting-edge technologies in all sectors and industries. The leap from one milestone to another supports Egypt’s Vision 2030 and puts economic growth in the region at the core.



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