LG unveils Big TV Days promotions to provide its Egyptian customers the best value

  • LG Egypt offers up to 26% discounts on OLED


    By: Pakinam Khaled


    Feb 7, 2022 – Cairo, Egypt – LG Egypt reveals today its Big TV Days discounts, which offers Egyptian customers special discounts, on a wide range of TVs including OLED, QNED, NanoCell, and UHD TVs until Feb 19.

    LG’s home entertainment products will have up to 26% discount During Big TV Days campaign, LG OLED will have up to 26% discount, in addition to other discounts on a wide range of LG TVs. LG’s QNED TVS will have up to 19% discount, NanoCell will have up to 12% discount and LG’s UHD Screens will have up to 10% Discount, all Discounts are valid till Feb 19, 2023. 


    “We are excited to announce Big TV Days promotions to make our products more affordable and bring our customers the greatest value” said Billy Kim, Managing Director, LG Egypt. “LG’s Egyptian customers are tech savvy and it’s amazing to have a chance to provide them with the latest released technologies in a more affordable price with our valuable promotions during Big TV Days Campaign”


    For more info on Big TV Days promotion please visit www.LG.com/EG_EN

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