Network International and eCards join forces for regional expansion in Smart Banking Card services

  • By : Bakinam Khaled 



    eCards, a subsidiary of the eFinance Investment Group, and Network International (Network), the leading enabler of digital payments and commerce across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, recently signed a strategic agreement aimed at achieving joint regional expansion in the production, customisation, and processing of smart financial cards. The agreement also focuses on ensuring seamless integration across a wide range of smart card services offered to customers by both companies, within and beyond the Egyptian market.


    The signing ceremony witnessed the participation of Ibrahim Sarhan, the Chairman and Managing Director of the eFinance Investment Group; Nashwa Kamel, CEO of eCards; Dr. Reda Helal, Group Managing Director, Processing – Africa at Network International, along with several executives from both companies.


    eCards will undertake the production and customisation of the cards, capitalising on its considerable expertise in the field, and Network will oversee card processing, utilising its extensive specialised experience of nearly 30 years. This synergy will yield a comprehensive and powerful product, capable of successfully penetrating various regional markets.


    Nashwa Kamel, CEO of eCards, welcomed and expressed utmost confidence in the robust partnership and exceptional collaboration with Network International. She emphasised that this strategic alliance would facilitate optimal integration in the realm of smart card solutions, driving increased business opportunities and expanded market presence for both companies, locally and regionally. This synergistic endeavor signifies a shared commitment to achieving excellence, fostering growth, and attaining remarkable achievements for all stakeholders involved.


    Dr. Reda Helal, Group Managing Director, Processing – Africa at Network International, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with a market leader such as eCards, to support their processing needs in the smart financial card segment while advancing innovative payments services in Egypt. As a brand deeply committed to promoting financial inclusion in emerging markets, we look forward to driving our joint endeavor to enhance digital payment acceptance throughout the region though this alliance.”


    He added, “Together, we look forward to crafting the future of smart financial cards across the Middle East and Africa through seamless, customer-centric solutions.” 


    eCards has achieved remarkable success in digitising payments for numerous national mega-projects. Notably, they have played a pivotal role in the digitisation of programs such as “Takaful” and “Karama" and the "Falah Card" system. Additionally, eCards has been instrumental in managing the smart card solutions for Egyptian pension schemes. They have also implemented various intelligent solutions in the transportation sector, including the digitisation of railway stations and other projects in collaboration with both

    public and private sectors across diverse fields.

    Throughout its illustrious history, Network has diligently cultivated long-standing and reliable business relationships with a multitude of merchants, financial institutions, and payment networks across the Middle East and Africa.


    These partnerships have been forged on the foundation of Network International's comprehensive capabilities across the entire consumer payment chain, substantial market presence, and unwavering local commitment. Network enjoys a prominent position, commanding a vast operational scope across 50 countries. Serving over 150,000 merchants and more than 200 financial institutions, the company manages an impressive portfolio of above 18 million customer credentials.



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